Monday, June 9, 2008

MoCCA Jam Comic 2007?

I said I'd post it soon!
Panels by Act-i-vators Nick Bertozzi, Pedro Camardo, and Hyeondo  Park.  Not to mention Charles Burns, and Kim Deitch! Let me stop naming names, there are too many people in here to list.
There were 4 comics believe it or not! I must have pestered people for panels!

No links this time!!! Too many pages! Sorry, look after the cut!

The comics were all done in this little lined pad I had.  I thought it was a bad choice afterwards but looking at it now, I think it freed people from being too picky with drawings...
By the way, disregard the numbers I wrote on the tops of pages... I don't know why I did that....

This is Comic #1.  At a certain point, people went kinda crazy and it even has some 2 page spreads

Here's comic 2.

Comic #3 coming up...

And Finally, Comic #4!!!  Very short, wrapped up very nicely by Kim Deitch.

And that's all folks!  Out of the time machine 1 year into the past and back to life!

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