Monday, June 9, 2008

MoCCA Jam Comic 2008!

It is my custom to do a jam comic at each comic convention I go to.  Of course MoCCA was no exception this year and I have scanned it for the pleasure of the internet populous. 

It started off very weird... (You can thank Pedro[info]siliconneedleCamargo for that) but I think this came out pretty ok for a jam...

Page 4 didn't get finished, sadly it's cause I was only there on Sunday... could've been longer.  In any case, there it is!  i have 3 other jams from previous cons that I'll get up here at some point, for those who are interested.  At the very end there, Fred Harper was trying to pull EVERYTHING from the previous few pages together... and he didn't look too close and assumed that Joe's tongue close up was a huge wave.... If you were confused.

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