Tuesday, June 10, 2008

SPX 2006 Jam! (Yes, the jams are finally done!)

This is the last of the un-uploaded Jam comics from conventions I have done.  Panels by the usual suspects, Pedro, Hyeondo, Yali,  & Nico, not to mention Tony Millionaire, Paul Pope, and Becky Cloonan among others.  Enjoy!

 I couldn't decide on just one teaser image, because these two are so great, so this is what you get!  The left is by Nicolas Cinquegrani  and the right is by Craig Yoe, if I am not mistaken.

Pages 01-02
Pages 03-04
Pages 05-06
Pages 07-08
Pages 09-10
Pages 11-12

That's it!  Hope you enjoyed! And I hope these get better and better year to year an con to con!

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