Monday, April 25, 2011

MOCCA 2011 Jam!

MOCCA was pretty cool this year, lots of cool people there and it wasn't insanely hot or anything, for once...  Got TONS of pages for the jam!
Containing panels by tons of people, including, but certainly not limited to Victor Kerlow, JT Yost, Josh Bayer, Wade Oates, Nicolas Cinquegrani, Yali Lin, Hyeondo Park, Shamus Beyale, Pedro Camargo, Jack Forbes, and tons more poeple... The one color panel is by Jeffrey Lewis.


Shamus Beyale said...

Hahaha, I was wondering where my first establishing shot would take this. Never been part of a jam I don't think but this was awesome! I'd like to do more, haha.

Anonymous said...

Yeah man, next con for sure! Not sure if you are in the city often but Taco Bell Drawing Club
is a thing every week where we usually chill and draw/Jam.