Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Pencils? Again?!

Hey guys, I very rarely show pencils here, but something made me do very detailed ones on this and I wanted to have a scan. I almost never pencil this tight so it's making me scared to ink. I KNOW I am gonna ruin these.  Any ideas on how to ink these and keep it looking the way it looks?


The Holy Yost said...

Here's what I do when I think I might screw up inking: Scan your pencils into Photoshop. Go to image > mode > duotone, then select "monotone". Your color should be cyan at around 30% (less if you want it lighter or more for darker). Then print it out onto bristol or whatever you use and ink on top of it. If you mess up, just print another!

Anonymous said...

Cool, thanks! I have a friend who does that, but I don't have the hardware, at the moment.