Saturday, June 28, 2008

Meetin' Steve Ditko!

This is just a short comic about my... er... meeting with Steve Ditko.  With Cameos by Dean and Fiffe!


I am not shitting you either... This is EXACTLY how it happened!
Overall it was pretty funny if anything and it's still cool to say I met him at all.  I knew it was over when he came to the door with his shirt half unbuttoned...  But... what else was I gonna say at that point?

I know Fiffe looks kind of.. jolly, but I left it cause it's pretty hilarious.

A few things that didn't make the cut: 
when I was standing at the window, some trendy hipster type dudes were talking about going to a party as they left the room next door.
I knocked once and waited, then I thought I heard rustling paper, so I knocked again after a few minutes... 

Too bad me and Ditko couldn't be buddies...  Maybe if he knew my name was STEVE too...

My dad suggested I try again next year, see if he remembers me, maybe I'll get a few more words, if only "Why do you keep coming here?"

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