Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Vulture!

I asked Fiffe to give me something in particular to do over the last week before I came back to Deep Six again on Thursday.  He said "draw the Vulture with a bag of money."  So... here it is?

This was a composite of 3 pieces of paper, because I didn't have a piece of  vellum big enough to do the wings on one.  There are also 2 alternative ones, one was a sketch, but I liked it so I inked it anyway.

and to read the other text,

Fiffe had actually asked me to watercolor it, but I'm not sure if my ink is waterproof ( the  bottle is in Japanese) and I was having too much fun inking with my new brush to have it get potentially ruined when water hit it.  This is on  vellum paper by the way, if the dry  brush is very noticeable.  Anyway, I computer colored one to have something in color.

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