Tuesday, April 22, 2008

My First real painting

I did my first real painting tonight.   I had taken painting classes back in the first year at SVA, but they didn't really teach me anything, so i hadn't really painted anything much, just kind of blocks of color and then drawing with a darker color and a small brush, like a colored drawing.  My roomate Miller is a painter, and I asked him to show me how to do something. ( I will admit that this was not without his help.)  Was pretty fun though, gotta keep trying it out.

If you are wondering what it's painted on, its a piece of scrap Bristol I had used to test brushes and nibs.
I used a picture at random from getty images as inspiration, basically, I changed it as I went.  Oh, and these are oils.

Edit: a friend of mine reminded me that this isn't my "1st" painting, because I had tried to paint something about a year or two ago in oils as well. 

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